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Welcome! Most of these domains were bought by their current owner in the mid-to-late 1990s. This is not an auction Website. An owner may accept the listed minimum or seek a higher price. Some domain owners may consider leasing instead of selling.
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This is not an auction site. An offer may be accepted or a counter offer made.

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Auction -> Domain Name: Domesticates.com ---   (Traffic)
Domain Owner: dm Billing & Payment Info confirmed Credit card confirmed Telephone confirmed    (View All Listings By This Seller)
Date Posted: 03/08/2006 10:35pm
Expires On: 12/31/2020 11:59pm (1076 Days 11 Hrs 22 Mins)
Minimum Bid: (This is the minimum price an owner will consider. It will start negotiations. Consider a bid above the minimum.) 4,000.00USD
Bid Increment: 400.00USD
Number Of Bids: 0
Highest Bid:  
Auction Details: Reference: Dictionary.com


tr.v. do·mes·ti·cat·ed, do·mes·ti·cat·ing, do·mes·ti·cates
1. To cause to feel comfortable at home; make domestic.
2. To adopt or make fit for domestic use or life.
a. To train or adapt (an animal or plant) to live in a human environment and be of use to humans.
b. To introduce and accustom (an animal or plant) into another region; naturalize.
To bring down to the level of the ordinary person.

n. (-kt, -kt)
1. A plant or animal that has been adapted to live in a human environment.
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