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Welcome! Most of these domains were bought by their current owner in the mid-to-late 1990s. This is not an auction Website. An owner may accept the listed minimum or seek a higher price. Some domain owners may consider leasing instead of selling.
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This is not an auction site. An offer may be accepted or a counter offer made.

To make an offer of at least the minimum, email info[AT]urls.net (replace [AT] with @).

Auction -> Domain Name: Negawatts.net ---   (Traffic)
Domain Owner: dm Billing & Payment Info confirmed Credit card confirmed Telephone confirmed    (View All Listings By This Seller)
Date Posted: 03/19/2006 02:21am
Expires On: 12/30/2020 05:00pm (1075 Days 1 Hr 57 Mins)
Minimum Bid: (This is the minimum price an owner will consider. It will start negotiations. Consider a bid above the minimum.) 1,200.00USD
Bid Increment: 120.00USD
Number Of Bids: 0
Highest Bid:  
Auction Details: Also available are Negawatt.net and Negawatts.org.

Negawatt.com sold at URLs.net in March 2012 for $4,000.
Negawatts.com sold at URLs.net in December 2017 for $2,200.

What is a Negawatt?
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A negawatt is an hypothetical tradable unit of energy saved. The concept of negawatt power was introduced by Amory Lovins in a 1989 speech for an arbitrage way of supplying additional electrical energy to consumers by conserving energy rather than by increased generation capacity.
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  • Traffic: Viewed 3777 times since this domain name listing has been posted.
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    • Will Negotiate with Winning Bidder
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    Closing Date: Seller warrants to transfer this domain to winning bidder within 7 day(s).

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